Sharing related communities with other members

If you learn about a community that is doing work related to a community that you own, share that information with other community members.

Before you begin

You must be a community owner to share related communities. If you do not see a related communities widget in your community, add the widget to your community so your team can share information about similar communities. A community can contain only one related communities widget. See Adding widgets to your community to make more functionality available.

About this task

Related communities let you link to other communities that might be doing work that interests your community. This product already recommends communities to you based on your community membership, network connections, and tags. Other members of this community might have a different set of community memberships, connections, and tags, so they receive different recommendations. You might also learn about an interesting community by another method. Related communities let you make others aware of these communities that might not be recommended to them or that they might have overlooked.

It is a good practice not to share a restricted community as a related community. Only people that are already members can access it.


  1. On the community Overview page, click Add a Community in the Related Communities area of the page.
  2. Enter the URL for the community that you want to share.
  3. Enter the name of the community.
  4. Enter a meaningful description of the community. Think about why the community relates to the current community, and why other members would be interested.
  5. Click Save.


To edit or delete a related community, click Related Communities in the community navigation, and then click More next to the related community that you want to delete or edit. Select Edit or Delete. Clicking More also displays recent updates for the community.

Another way to share related communities with your team is to add the Related Community button to your browser. Click Bookmarking Tools in the footer of any page in IBM® Connections to learn how to install and use the Related Community button. As you discover other communities of interest, click the Related Community button, and the Add a community dialog appears with the URL for the community already entered in the Community URLfield.

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