Managing community activities

After adding the Activities widget to your community, you can edit activity details, move or hide the widget, or remove it from the community if it is no longer needed.

Before you begin

You must be a community owner to edit community activities, or to hide, move, or remove the Activities widget. You must also be logged in to IBM® Connections to perform these tasks.

To edit information about a community activity, such as the activity title, goal, tags, and so on, you must edit the activity in the Activities application. For more information, see Editing an activity.

Community owners cannot perform management tasks for any activities that have been shared with a community. Only the activity owner who shared the activity with the community can manage that activity.

About this task

If your community no longer uses activities, you can remove the Activities widget from the community, or you can hide it temporarily until it is needed again using the options available from the widget action menu.


To manage community activities, open the community and complete the following tasks as needed.

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