How do I edit documents with connectors?

Edit Linked Library documents in their native applications using IBM® Lotus® Quickr® Connectors.

Before you begin

You must install IBM Lotus Quickr Connectors.

About this task

With Lotus Quickr Connectors installed you can open documents in their native application directly from a Linked Library, for example edit Microsoft Word documents in Microsoft Word. When a file can be opened with more than one application, the computer default settings determine the application, for example html files open in the default web browser.


  1. In a Linked Library document list, click the menu arrow next to a document, and then select Edit document. The document opens in its native application. If Edit document isn't available, click the Check connector installation link at the end of the list to check your connector installation.
    Note: If the Lotus Quickr Connectors were not installed, not running, or failed to be detected the first time you used a Linked Library, then the link is Enable editing (check connector installation). Click that link, the Linked Library widget finds Lotus Quickr Connectors, and then the link changes to Check connector installation. Then go to Step 2.
  2. Edit the document and save it. The document is saved as a draft in the Linked Library.
  3. Refresh the page to see the updated state of the document. When you are ready to make the draft the public version, click Check In.

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