Using Linked Libraries

Add Linked Libraries to IBM® Connections communities to work with documents and folders on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) servers. For example, when you add a new document to a Linked Library you are adding the document to the ECM server. There are two types of supported ECM server: IBM FileNet® P8 and IBM Content Manager. There are some small differences in how Linked Libraries behave when using one or the other. Those differences are addressed in this help.

To use Linked Libraries you must log in to both IBM Connections and the ECM server. If your environment uses single sign-on, logging in to IBM Connections also logs you in to the ECM server. If your environment does not use single sign-on, you must log in to the ECM server separately. IBM Connections prompts you to log in to the ECM server when you open a community with a Linked Library. If you are prompted to log into the ECM server and do not know an appropriate user name and password, ask your administrator to provide you with one.

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