Searching IBM Connections

Use the search control in the title bar to search all the IBM® Connections applications.


  1. From any view, type the word or term that you want to search for into the Search field on the title bar.
  2. Define the scope of the search by clicking the Down arrow next to the Search field, and then selecting one of the following options:
    Option Description
    All Connections Searches for the text string in all the IBM Connections applications.
    application_name Searches for the text string in an individual application.
    Note: The option to select which application to search is only available when you are in the Home page application or on the Advanced Search page.
    Advanced Opens the Advanced Search page from which you can search for the text string in one, all, or a subset of applications. For more information, see Performing an advanced search.

    If your administrator has enabled a custom search option, it is displayed in the list as well.

  3. Click the search Search icon icon.

    The search results are displayed in the Search Results page. Click the title of a result to open it.

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