Which application do I use?

Choose the IBM® Connections application that best suits what you want to accomplish.

IBM Connections is a suite of applications designed to help an organization communicate and work collaboratively. Depending on what is deployed for your organization, you can choose from the following IBM Connections applications:

Allows you to plan and track work items and documents related to a project or task. Activities are best suited for a targeted task, such as planning an event or tracking deliverables for a product release. When the project is over you can complete the activity and place it in an inactive state. If you have a larger project that involves collaborating on documents, a wiki might be a better choice.
Broadcast information on a particular subject and accept feedback. Blogs generally have a singe or a small number of authors. For a more open exchange of ideas, choose a forum.
Create shortcuts to web pages of interest to you and others. Bookmarks that you want to keep private for your own use or share with everyone can reside in the Bookmarks application. To share bookmarks with a specific group of people, add bookmarks to a community with a defined membership.
Communities allow you to share a collection of information with a group. Although communities can be public, they are often used to share information with a specified group of members. For example, you might create a community for the sales team. Within the community you can provide collaborative applications, such as an activity, wiki, or forum, to enable the community members to work together and share content. Note that a community can only have one of each type of repository. For example, you can only create a single activity within a community. If you plan to create many activities, create them from within the Activities application rather than from a community.
Files provides a repository for storing and sharing files. The benefit is that you can link to a file from many places without storing multiple copies of a file. In addition, users with access to the file can view or revise the file and changes are immediately available to other users. Upload a file to Files instead of attaching a file to an email. If you want a defined group of people to have access to a file, use the Files component from within a community.
Use a forum to have an open discussion, where members can create topics or responses. This is a great format for a question and answer application, such as a support forum. If you want to limit access to the forum to a defined group of users, create a forum within a community.
Home page
Use the Home page when you want to view the latest updates from all the applications in IBM Connections. If your administrator has enabled it, you can also catch up on the latest updates from third-party applications. You can filter the display to drill down to the information that interests you most, and perform in-context actions, such as liking updates, reposting updates, or commenting on updates.
Wikis are ideal for storing large numbers of documents. Depending on access, users can view or revise topics stored in a wiki. If you are only dealing with a small number of documents, or you want to track to-do items in addition to sharing documents, an activity might be a better choice. A wiki you create within a community is available only to members of that community.

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