What are tags?

A tag is a descriptive term that you assign to an item, such as a blog or wiki, to categorize it by subject or that you assign to people to categorize them by skill. Categorizing things and people makes them easier to find later, and makes it easier for others to discover information when searching by tag.

When creating a tag:
  • Specify the tag as a single word only; tags cannot contain spaces. They can contain characters such as an underscore (_) or at sign (@).

    For example, you can use follow_up, follow-up, and followup as tags, but not follow up.

  • The letters comprising a tag are saved as all lowercase letters. If you add a tag that contains uppercase letters, then the letters are converted to lowercase when the tag is added.
  • To add multiple tags, type a comma or leave a space between each tag.
  • The tags that you add to items, entries, and people are automatically added to the tag collection, and become visible to others.

    People can only see tags that are associated with items to which they have access. If you add a tag to a private entry, for example, the tag is added to your tag collection, but is not visible in anyone else's tag collection.

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