Uploading a file

There is more than one way to upload a file. Which method to use depends on what you are trying to achieve. Refer to the table to review your options when uploading a file.

Table 1. Different ways to upload a file to IBM Connections
Application Description

Files provides a common repository for storing files you want to share with others. Depending on the access you assign, users can view or update files you share with them. Send email notifications to others about files you have uploaded, or include links to the files in blogs, activities or forums.


Files you upload to Activities are available only within the context of the activity. Activity users can view or download the file. When the activity is complete, the file is no longer available. If you want activity users to be able to revise a file or have access to it after the activity is complete, upload the file to Files and link to it from the activity instead.


Files you upload to Wikis are available for users of the activity. Users with sufficient access can view or download files from the wiki. If you want to use version control and the ability to comment on a file, upload the file to Files and link to it from the wiki.


Files you upload to Blogs are available for use in the blog. You generally upload something like an image file that you want to insert into an entry. If you want to post a file in a blog entry, upload the file to Files and link to it from the blog entry.

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