Social analytics widgets

The social analytics widgets use the existing relationships between users and content in IBM® Connections to help you discover how you are connected to other users and content, and suggest network contacts and content that might interest you.

The social analytics widgets display different types of information. Some of the widgets recommend content or people, while others display information about how you are connected to other people or content in the organization, based on your existing membership, network connections, and tags. These relationships are based on public and private content, and the widgets can recommend public and private content. The recommendations are randomized to ensure that you see different options every day.

For example, the Recommendations widget in Communities suggests communities for you to join, based on the communities that you already belong to, the tags that you have used, and people that you are connected to. When this information is being analyzed, only the tags on the communities themselves are used; tags on content within the community, such as community activities or community forums, are not used.

The following social analytics widgets are available in the Communities, Home page, and Profiles applications.
Table 1. Social analytics widgets
Name Description
Do You Know (Profiles) Recommends people for you to add to your network.

This widget displays on the My Network page in Profiles.

Recommendations (Communities) Recommends communities for you to join.

This widget displays in all the views in Communities: I'm an Owner, I'm a Member, I'm Following, I'm Invited, and Public Communities.

Recommendations (Home page) Recommends content that might interest you.

This widget displays in the Updates views in the Home page application.

Things in Common (Profiles) Displays a list of the things that you have in common with a person.

This widget displays when you are viewing another user's profile in the Profiles application.

Who Connects Us? (Profiles) Displays the social path that links you and another user. The social path is displayed as a list of the users that connect you and the other person.

This widget displays when you are viewing another user's profile in the Profiles application.

The IBM Connections administrator can enable or disable the social analytics service for your deployment. When the service is disabled, the widgets listed in the table do not display in the user interface.

The administrator can also exclude specific users from analysis in the social analytics service, if required, with the following results: Users who are excluded from the social analytics service still receive recommendations from the Recommendations widgets in Communities and the Home page because these recommendations are based on the users' collaboration history with other users rather than on their social network.

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