Starting an activity

Create an activity to provide a place for the people involved in a project to share information, to assign tasks, and to share resources, such as tools, websites, and files.

About this task

Creating an activity is easy: just click a button and fill out a form. There are no required fields. You can edit the activity later to add or change information.

No special access is needed to create an activity. If you have access to the Activities server, you can create an activity.

You cannot use this procedure to create a community activity. You can only create a community activity from the Communities feature. See Creating a community activity in the Communities Help for more information.


  1. From the My Activities view, click Start an Activity.

    If you have an activity open, then you do not see the Start an Activity button in the navigation pane. Click the Activities tab to exit the opened activity first.

  2. In the Name field, type a short name that describes the purpose of the activity, for example, a project name.

    The activity name is displayed in the subject of the notification sent to the people you add to the activity as members. If you do not provide a name, the activity is given the name Untitled. You can give it a name later by editing the activity.

  3. In the Tags field, type a tag term. As you type, a list of matching tags from the tag collection is displayed. Click a tag to add it, or keep typing to add a tag that is not in the list. Separate multiple tags with commas.

    A tag is a single-word label or keyword that you assign to an activity to categorize it. After the activity is saved, the tag is added to the tag collection. Later, you can use the tag to find this activity by clicking the tag from the tag collection. Not only is this activity returned in the resulting list, but any similarly tagged activities are included also, thus helping you to discover related content. Keep in mind that the tag collection is composed of tags that are created by you and your colleagues; if no one has created any tags yet, you do not see a list of matching tags as you type into this field.

  4. Add members to the activity.
    • Select Person, Group, or Community from the Members drop-down list.
    • If you want to add a member to a role other than the default role of Author, click the down-arrow next to the Author field, and then select Owner or Reader. The access level options are defined as follows:
      Can view content and add entries.
      Can add content, view and edit all entries, and manage the membership of the activity.

      As the creator of the activity, you are automatically added as an owner.

      Cannot contribute to an activity; access is restricted to only viewing content.
    • Begin typing the name of the community or the name or email address of the person you want to add into the text field. Alternatively, you can search for a particular group by clicking Browse Groups, and then entering a keyword for the group and clicking Find Groups. Click the group you want and then click Add. If the group contains nested groups within it, you can either add the parent group or select a nested group. Use the breadcrumb trail to switch between levels of nested groups
      Note: If the product is configured to hide email addresses, then no matches are returned when you type an email address into the field; type person's name instead.
    Note: The group feature is available upon request. Contact your administrator for information.
  5. In the Activity goal field, add a description of the activity. Provide a sentence or two that summarizes the goal of the activity, its audience, or the type of content that you want members to add to it.

    Provide enough information about the goal to help members distinguish among activities with similar names. The information in this field is searchable and is displayed in the notification message that members receive when they are invited to join the activity.

  6. In the Due date field, add a date by which this activity must be completed. Either type the date or click the field to select a date from the calendar control.
  7. To create the activity from a template, perform the following steps.

    A template captures the tasks required to complete a specific job. For example, a patent template might link to the files, databases, tools, or Web sites that an inventor seeking a patent would need. It might also capture a list of to-do items that an inventor would need to complete as part of the patent application process.

    1. Click Pick an Activity Template, and then select a template from the list. You can type a template name into the field to narrow the list. When you select a template, a description of the template is displayed. If you select not to use an available template, select None from the list.
    2. If you want to seed the member list with the members defined in the template, select Use members from template.
  8. Click Save to finish creating the activity. After the activity is created, the server sends an email message or a notification to the Updates tab of the Home page feature to notify the people that you added as members about the activity.

What to do next

You can now add entries to the activity.

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