What is an activity?

Activities is a web-based collaboration tool for collecting, organizing, sharing, and reusing work related to a project goal. Use Activities to organize your team's work around project tasks, rather than around the many tools that you use to perform them.

Members of an activity interact in an online location in which they create, collect, and share a set of ideas and resources to support a project goal. Examples of projects that you could use an activity to track include:

An activity is a way for you to organize your work and collaborate with others in a shared web space. You can start an activity from a single idea or fragment of an idea in an email. Because it is easy to invite new members, you can quickly pull together the people and resources you need to get the job done. You can post messages, share files and links to websites, and create and assign to-do items.

Community activities

You can also create community activities. A community activity is an activity created in the Communities application. Community activities are included in the standard Activities views and can be opened and edited from the Activities application. The only thing different about a community activity is its membership. You can create a community activity with a membership list that reflects the membership list of the community or you can choose to create a community activity whose members are a subset of the community. But, the member list of the activity cannot contain anyone who is not also a member of the owning community. In addition, the public status of a community activity is determined by the community to which it belongs. If the community is public or moderated, all of its associated activities are public. If the community is private, all of its associated activities are private.

You can create content directly in an activity, or download extensions from the IBM Connections Catalog page that let you add content from the tools you already use: email messages, IBM® Sametime® chats, and word processing documents, to name a few. To access the catalog, go to the following external website:

https://greenhouse.lotus.com/catalog (Opens in new window)

Activities are a good way to improve awareness and coordination in teams. When a member shares a design document, meeting agenda, or spreadsheet to an activity, not only is that item immediately available to everyone else on the team, it is also placed alongside all of the project's other resources. Team members always know that they can go to the activity to find out about the latest project happenings and see who the recent contributors are.

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