Fonts, borders, and color

To emphasize important data, you can change text styles and alignment, and add borders and background color to cells and ranges.

Sample spreadsheets showing the different looks you can achieve with fonts, borders, and color

Use the toolbar icons in your spreadsheet to make any of the following enhancements. Remember to select the text, cell, or range before you click an icon.


You can resize text and adjust its alignment to improve the appearance of your spreadsheets.


You can add borders around cells and ranges. When you add a border, it encloses the cell or range on all sides. You cannot, for example, specify that a border will only show on the top and bottom of a cell. Borders are different from the grid lines that separate cells in the sheet: for a border, you can choose different colors, and borders always show when you print.


You can change the color of text and borders, and add background color to cells and ranges.

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