Co-editing with others in spreadsheets

Multiple editors on a team can edit a spreadsheet at the same time. You can edit in different cells or in the same cell, column, or row. Every editor can see the changes at the same time.

Each participant in the co-editing group must have the access to the spreadsheet as an editor. For example, if you want to co-edit a spreadsheet with your team members, you must share the spreadsheet with them and set their access levels to Editor. To co-edit with others, perform the following steps:
  1. If you are the file owner and initiate co-editing, click Files Shared By Me in the Files field. Otherwise, click Files Shared With Me.
  2. From the Files list, click the name of the spreadsheet that you want to co-edit. Then click Edit in IBM Docs
    Note: When you are the file owner, if you have accessed the spreadsheet before, it opens in IBM Docs. If not, a Start editing online with IBM Docs window opens. Click Edit Online to continue. The other editors cannot see the Edit in IBM Docs button until the file owner has opened the spreadsheet in IBM Docs before.
  3. The spreadsheet opens and you enter the co-editing mode.
  4. All the editors’ names are listed on the sidebar. The name becomes bold and is followed by a color assignment when the editor enters co-editing mode. You can change the spreadsheet, and at the same time, you can see changes by others in different colors.
    Note: Your changes are saved automatically to the draft spreadsheet throughout the editing process.
  5. When you are ready to allow readers to view or download the spreadsheet, click File > Publish Version.
  6. Close the spreadsheet tab.
    Note: You are notified during your edit session if a co-editor deletes the file. Click OK in the notification to save your draft as a new file and ensure that the changes you made can be preserved.

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