Normal view

Normal view is the default view in IBM Docs Presentations. All the editing tasks start from this view.

Normal view is the main editing view, where you edit and design your presentation. This view has four panes.

You can view slides in your presentation as thumbnails. This way, you can conveniently browse your presentation and view the effects of your design and any changes that you make. You can also rearrange the order of the slides or add or delete slides.
Slide editor
You can see a large view of the current slide to design the slide. You can add text and insert graphic images, tables, text boxes, or other elements.
You can create comments and responses on the Comments panel.
You can see the list of editors on the Editors panel.

In new presentations, the default view is the normal view. This view provides the easiest way to design a presentation. You can edit the current slide in slide editor and see immediate design effects on the Slides panel.

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