Presentations quick reference

This topic helps you discover or remember how to do certain presentation tasks.

Table 1. Working with text and graphics
How Do I... Action
Insert text boxes? Click Insert > Text Box or click Add Text Box icon add text box.
Insert images? Click Insert > Image or click Insert Image icon Insert Image.
Add superscript or subscript? Click Format > Superscript or Format > Subscript.
Change color of text? Select the text you want to change color and click the Set Font Color icon Set Font Color on the toolbar.
Add bullets or numbers to text? Select the text you want to add bullets or numbers, and click the Add Bullets or Change Bullet Style icon Bulleted List or Add Numbering or Change Numbering Style icon Numbered List.
Align text center, right or left? Select the text you want to align, and click Align Left icon Left Align, Align Center icon Center Align, or Align Right icon Right Align on the toolbar.
Table 2. Working with tables
How do I... Action
Create a table? To create a simple table, click Table > Create.
Insert or move rows and columns to a table? Click Insert or Move Row Insert or Move Row on the toolbar or click Table > Row > Insert Row. Click Insert or Move Column Insert or Move Column on the toolbar or click Table > Column > Insert Column. You can add a row or column quickly by right-clicking and select from the context menu.
Resize columns or rows of the table? Click the table, drag the anchors to resize the table as you want. You can also select the cell and right-click, select Column > Resize columns.
Change the table style? Select the table and click Style Table Change Table Style on the toolbar and select the style that you want from the Style Table panel.
Align text in a cell? Select the text in a cell, right-click and select Cell > Align Left, Align Center, or Align Right.
Define headers for tables? Select a row or column, right-click and select Row > Use Selected Row as Header or Column > Use Selected Column as Header.
Table 3. Changing the look of your presentations
How Do I... Action
Apply a transition between slides? Click Presentation > Apply Slide Transition or click Select a Transition icon Select a Transition on the toolbar and select a transition that you want.
Add a slide layout to presentation? Click Format > Slide Layout, click Slide Layout icon Slide Layout on the toolbar or right-click the slide, and select Slide Layout.
Select a master style? On the Slides panel, select a slide. Click Format > Master Style or right-click the slide, and select Master Styles.
Table 4. Working with slides
How Do I... Action
Insert a new slide? Click New Slide icon New Slide on the toolbar. You can also select a slide and press Enter key to add a new slide after the current slide.
Add comments to a slide? Click Team > Add Comment or click Add Comment icon Add Comment on the toolbar.
Play the slide show? Click Presentation > Play Slide Show or click Start Slide Show icon Start Slide Show on the toolbar.
Add the speaker notes? Click View > Speaker Notes. Make sure the Speaker Notes is selected. You can type notes in the speaker notes area for current slide.

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