Printing documents

The Print command in a document opens a new browser window from which you can choose layout options.

  1. From an open document, click File > Print. A separate browser window opens.
  2. By default, your browser adds headers and footers to your printed document. You can change the content or suppress the headers and footers by following the steps for your browser. Click the icon hover help icon in your browser window for specific steps.
    Important: The header and footer that you add to your document in IBM Docs cannot be printed.
  3. To change paper size and other paper settings, follow the steps for your browser in the same way as in step 2.
  4. If you want to select other page layout options, in the browser window, click File > Page Setup. Then specify the settings and click OK.
    Note: The background colors and images cannot be printed by default. Select Print Background (colors & images) in the Page Setup window if you want to print the background.
  5. Click the Print print icon.
  6. Specify the settings that you want and click OK.

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