Exporting documents to other file formats

After you edit documents in IBM Docs, you can export the documents to other file formats, such as .doc and .pdf.

IBM Docs uses the Open Document Format (.odf). If you edit a document or create a document, it is stored in .odt format. For example, if you edit a Microsoft Office Word file in IBM Docs and publish a version, it is converted to .odt format. You can download the file in its current format or download the file to another format, such as Microsoft Office or PDF.
  1. In Files application, click My Files.
  2. Find the document that you want to export, and then click More.
  3. Click More Actions, and then select Download as Microsoft Office Format or Download as PDF File.
    Note: Only a published version of a document can be downloaded. If the document is still a draft and you are the owner or editor, publish a version. If you are a reader, ask the owner to publish.
  4. Optional: If you select Download as PDF File, a Page Setup window is displayed. Specify the settings that you want and then click OK.

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