Viewing presentations

After a presentation is uploaded to Files, you can open and view it. You can change slide magnification, quickly go to specific pages, and play the slide show. You can also print.

Supported file types

Table 1. File formats that can be opened in presentations viewer
Application File type
IBM® Lotus® Symphony™ Presentations .odp
Microsoft PowerPoint .ppt, .pptx
Adobe Reader .pdf

Opening a presentation for viewing

  1. In the Files application, find the file that you want to view.
  2. Click the file name.
  3. Click View. The presentation is opened in the viewer.

Navigating within a presentation

To page through your presentation, click Next next page or Previous previous page on the toolbar.

To go to a specific slide, do one of the following steps:
  • Type the slide number to replace the one currently displayed in the toolbar page number input field, and press Enter.
  • Use the thumbnails panel to go to specific slides.

Changing slide display

  • You can change the slide magnification by clicking Zoom In zoom in or Zoom Out zoom out on the toolbar.
  • You can choose a magnification size from a list after clicking the arrow percentage input field.
  • To resize the slide to its original size, click Normal View normal size on the toolbar.

Playing slide show

You can play the slide show by clicking Play Screenshow play the slide show on the toolbar. The slide show starts from the first slide.

Printing a presentation

  • Click Print print on the toolbar.
  • The Print Settings window is displayed. Set the page setup of your browser as shown in the window.
  • After you set the browser settings, click OK to close the Print Settings window.
  • When the Print window is displayed, specify the print settings and then click OK.

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