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Pinned topic Issue with TAM: Not able to update groups in TAM

‏2013-07-12T12:30:02Z |

Hello All,

I have a operational workflow of X service where I am calling TAM account and trying to update some groups into it.
once groups are updated into TAM, it comes back and perform the remaining workflow.
when I am trying update some groups into TAM, groups are updating into TAM LDAP and the same is not reflecting in TAM service of the user in ITIM.
When I am trying to add same groups through TAM service in ITIM, groups are reflecting in TAM ldap  as well as in TAM service of the user in ITIM.
Throwing the below error in TAM adapter logs
 - [TAMUserGroupMod] CTGDIS352I Use null Behavior for Username.
 - [TAMUserGroupMod] HPDMG1950E   The user is already a member of the group.
 - [TAMUserGroupMod] CTGDIK411E There was an error while updating: User.
 - [TAMUserGroupMod] CTGDIS495I handleException , update, CTGDIK411E There was an error while updating: User. 
 - [TAMUserGroupMod] CTGDIS350I Trigger default_fail [1]
 - [TAMUserGroupMod] CTGDIS353I Script is: 
 - tamModify_TAM_5562806363244699196_177fef1e-2a50-11b2-c634-000095b880dbError while modifying group for user.
 - tamModify_TAM_5562806363244699196_177fef1e-2a50-11b2-c634-000095b880dbCTGDIS542I loop-end: setNextConnector:
 - tamModify_TAM_5562806363244699196_177fef1e-2a50-11b2-c634-000095b880dbProcessing number of failed attributes: 1
 - tamModify_TAM_5562806363244699196_177fef1e-2a50-11b2-c634-000095b880dbCTGDIS075I Trying to exit TaskCallBlock.
 - tamModify_TAM_5562806363244699196_177fef1e-2a50-11b2-c634-000095b880dbCTGDIS076I Succeeded exiting TaskCallBlock.
 - tamModify_TAM_5562806363244699196_177fef1e-2a50-11b2-c634-000095b880dbCTGDIS071I Entering TaskCallBlock."

Could any one help me to understand this.

Thanks in Advance.