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Pinned topic Pulling Tables from DOORS in RPE

‏2013-06-19T13:31:08Z |


I have a table in DOORS, which is located in the main attribute as Object Text. I have pulled the table from DOORS into RPE and it appears correctly in the word document I have created. There is no condition created at the table. There are two problems:

1. RPE inserts several lines between the Table Heading and the actual table. How can I remove these lines?

2. I would like to have two tables in DOORS but I only want to ouput one to RPE and into my final word document. Can this be done? At which level do I put the condition to indicate which table should be pulled?


thank you very much

  • ChrisHardy68
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    Re: Pulling Tables from DOORS in RPE

    ‏2013-06-20T22:34:12Z  in response to stefanie1342


    Can you clarify please : are you referring to 2 DOORS tables, one you wan tot print and one you dont?

    If so then I have attached a simple example with one possible solution.

    Basically you need 2 things:

           a boolean object level attribute

           an object directly before the table

    Set the attribute to True on the object directly before the table you dont want to print

    In the template , for each object with object text get the value of attribute and put it in a variable

    Before you print the table test the variable value . if its not true then print the table.

    Hope that helps





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