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Pinned topic Update Query with Return Results and Rollback functionality

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Hi ,

I have to update large data row -by-row , in between if any point of time if any row is not updating , entire previous updated data from the database has to rollback.

how i can check that the row is updated or not ?

i have checked the box of 'Retrieve Update Results'  in SQL Call Builder and it will give me one variable like builderNameLastUpdateCount , but when it is giving me null that i am not able to see wether it is updated or not..


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    Re: Update Query with Return Results and Rollback functionality


    Are you using the SQL Transaction builder here?  My recommendation would be to add constraints to your database which would trigger an exception in the case of a failed update.  If you're using the SQL Transaction builder, you can then rollback the entire transaction in response to receiving a SQL exception.

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