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‏2013-07-04T14:38:25Z | 4.4 cd move server vm

We have a requirement to move our physical live CD node onto a virtual box.

Installing CD on the new VM is a good start and then copying across the user/ netmap etc. and windows scripts.

My questions: what is the easiest way to make the VM become the live production node without having to ask external data providers to amend their details?

What do I need to keep in mind to ensure continous service (or as near as!) ?

for info we utilise secure+ and file agent

I will call the nodes the same name.

I'm pretty new to this!

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    Re: Move and Virtualise CD 4.4 server


    You can install C:D (why not 4.6.03) on VM but keep old directory structure because of your partners, scrips, processes etc;

    or copy an image of phisical machine on VM. Give the IP address of old server to new one and assure that it is visible from network (of course the old server should have some other IP address or inactive)

    And thar's it.