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‏2013-06-18T20:57:03Z |

We settled on a Flash version to deploy which happened to be 11.7.700.224.  I copied the fixlet to a custom site so that it would be available to all of our operators, and so that it could be modified to include a restart.  Now there is a new version of Flash, and the source files for the version I copied no longer exist on the server.  So, the actions hang on "download pending".

It seemed perfectly logical to copy the fixlet to a custom site as a company standard fixlet.  Does anyone else do this, and if so how do you handle it? 

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    Re: Adobe Flash Fixlet Deployment



    If you have run the action before in the past, then the required source files should have been downloaded and cached on the TEM server already (in the wwwbesroot/downloads folder). 

    If not, you can try to obtain the missing file from adobe, download it and rename it to the SHA1 filename that you can see within the action script of the fixlet. 

    For example, for the flash patch, the following is the action script:

    prefetch install_flash_player_10_active_x.exe sha1:3c6d9cc8578bcd0bc6bbc1615b2b207d617279f1 size:3135344
    wait __Download\install_flash_player_10_active_x.exe /install
    action may require restart "3c6d9cc8578bcd0bc6bbc1615b2b207d617279f1"

    Get a copy of the .exe file, place it into the downloads folder and rename it to "3c6d9cc8578bcd0bc6bbc1615b2b207d617279f1"