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Please can you clarify the use of the following two parameter on the

i) listenerMode - infocentre documentation states that if the property is set to false, the web container will not be used to generate session, but it does not specify where the sessions will alternatively be generated from.

ii) sessionCreatedOnFailover - infocentre documentation states that this property only applies when listenerMode is set to false. Please can you specify under which conditions this property should be set to true and why?

We have multiple application servers in a cluster, with XC10 session management enabled and we need to ensure that the separate web containers do not create duplicate session IDs as this will result in one session on XC10 being overwritten by the second session creating havoc during failover when the particular session has to be recovered from XC10.

I specified a unique HttpSessionCloneId on each server , but noticed that it does not get appended to the session ID on XC10.

Hoping that the 2 parameters above is the answer to ensure no duplication of session IDs.

Working with XC10 firmware, appliance model-type:9235-92X , WXS client on WAS


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    Re: HTTP Session Management


    Does not answer your questions specifically, but might provide some insight on using XC10 for HTTP session management - MattO published a blog here about it:

    Link -