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Pinned topic Where are the libs for the samples??

‏2013-04-26T15:12:31Z |

I am looking at the samples provided with the installation of ILog JViews. I have a hard time understanding where the libraries needed by the samples (e.g. jviews-framework-all.jar, jviews-gantt-all.jar etc) are coming from...

As far as I understand Java Web Applications, those libraries should be situated in the WEB-INF/lib folder right? But when I unzip for example gantt-thinclient.war, I get a directory structure with a WEB-INF folder containing a classes folder with just 4 classes from the sample itself, but no lib folder.

So where are the dependencies coming from? Will this WAR work out of the box when I deploy it to Tomcat?

I see that inside the root folders of the JViews installation, jviews-charts88, jviews-framework88 and jviews-gantt88, there are lib folders that seem to contain all libraries needed by the samples... But shouldn't these be packaged inside the WARs? I get the feeling that the WARs in the samples folder will only work on the Tomcat that comes with the ILog install. They won't work inside an 'out-of-the-box' Tomcat or will they?


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