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Pinned topic nmon analyser run time error '-2147467261 (80004003)'

‏2013-05-27T02:29:13Z | '-2147467261 (80004003)' analyser analysing:diskbsize nmon


i download the file "1234.nmon" to local and open it with the new release "nmon analyser v34a.xls", durning the access, it pop up 2 error message and stop itself :

(1) run time error'-2147467261 (80004003)'


i send this file ( "1234.nmon" ) to my colleague, the same System(WindowsXP),the same Excel version(Office 2007), but he can success switch this file to a new "1234.nmon.xlsx" file with nmon analyser v34a.xls.

picture below is the error step


Thank you for reply

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    Re: nmon analyser run time error '-2147467261 (80004003)'


    Surely this means the problem is with your Excel version! 

    What you have is a Excel 2007 is not compatible with Excel 2003 by default problem. That problem you should take up wit Microsoft.

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    Please read the analyser documentation that comes with the file.

    From memory: you have to change Excel settings to some sort of compatibility mode.