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‏2013-11-01T13:15:48Z | paragraph style

Does anyone know how to get DOORS to display text with just single spacing?  In all of the documents that we have loaded in DOORS the text is spaced such that it fills the row and comes out looking odd when it is converted to PDF and Word.  I tried typing plain text into a new cell and always seems to use this odd spacing.  I have a attached a sample to show what it looks like.  You will notice on the second line the words have more space between them to try and fill out the current row.





  • llandale
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    Re: Odd spacing


    Never seen that in DOORS, but in MS-Word that is "Justified" alignment.  Typically Headers/Footers have "Centered" alignment, page numbers in Table-Of-Contents are "right" aligned, and normal paragraphs "Left" aligned.  IMO, "Justified" looks bad except for text on display pictures.

    I'm guessing this text was "Justified" in word when it was imported and so the text attr-value retains that property.


  • Tony_Goodman
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    Re: Odd spacing


    I think you might have the doors column set to "Justified".

    Check that the column is not set to justified.

    To do this click on the column header and check that it is set to left justified on the toolbar as shown below.



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