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Pinned topic Why the C API function NotesInitExtended exits directly?

‏2012-03-06T13:57:21Z |
 hello all,
I have an urgent question now, please help me, thanks in advance!

I use lotus C API to program, but it always exits when debug to the function of NotesInitExtended during initialization, and there isn't any error returns, the code as:

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        char       DataDir[256];        
        STATUS   error = NOERROR;       
        WORD    wlength;
                char  temp[260]="C:\\IBM\\LOTUS\\NOTE\\";            
        if (error = NotesInitExtended (1, (char**)temp))
          printf("\n Unable to initialize Notes.\n");
          return (1);

how can i resolve the problem? Thanks!
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