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‏2013-05-02T19:53:32Z |

I am trying to get my monitors on datacap working, I used the configre datacap database settings, with the following names generic names given

datacap application name App_Admin

installation dir c:\datacap

database parameter set App_admin

class adm


database name App_Admin

database user Domain\FSMSVCAcct

pasword: *******

database driver path d:\jdbc

database server SERVER\INSTANCE

port 55555

I run the task, then configure a monitor to be setup on that server with that appliaction.  I get a -90 error and the debug says this

Datacap App_ADMIN: MSSQL database processes -40


Thu May 02 14:49:17 CDT 2013 SQL-Exception catched on connect: java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver
#Thu May 02 14:49:17 CDT 2013 No connection to RDBMS available.
#JDBC based database statement returned errors


I have sqljdbc4.jar in the D:\JDBC folder

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    Re: Datacap configuration help


    Hi fishslayer,

    first of all, please try to use "/" instead of "\" in the path variables. 

    If a service account is needed to execute the statement, always the account the agent is running under is used.

    Since here a jdbc statement is executed, unfortunatelly a User/Password has to be set in the task and therefore it cannot be a serviceaccount at the moment. As workaround you could be using a sql internal user.


    Regards Michael