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Pinned topic How to avoid occurring swap space on Linux

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It occurs swap space quite often on Linux which has 16GB memory when running RD&T V8.5.
Tried to change the memory value for system z in 'devmap' from 14GB to 12GB(or 10GB, 9GB, 8GB, 6GB), but there is no big difference and the swap spaces still occur.

Checked z1090instcheck results everything is OK except below
10. REDHAT kernel.core_pattern is |/usr/libexec/abrt-hook-ccpp which is BAD

Is above the cause of the problem ?
Could you please tell me what other settings are needed to RD&T or Linux for avoiding the swap spaces happening.


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    Re: How to avoid occurring swap space on Linux


    I will admit that I don't have any great insight into why Linux may wish to use some swap space but unless it is causing you an operational issue there should not be any problem with using some swap space.

    For the kernel.core_pattern setting you may wish to review this to understand the meaning of this value better  Your existing value is certainly unusual as it should specify the name for core dumps and I would not expect a filename to start with "|" nor would I expect core dumps to be saved in /usr/libexec so I expect you will wish to change this value.