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Pinned topic MQ Explorer can't cope with 2 queue sharing groups with the same name

‏2017-06-07T14:30:47Z | explorer groups mq queue sharing

We have a set of TEST LPARs and a set of sandpit LPARs running MQ v8 on z/os 2.1. On each sysplex we have a couple of MQ environments, To keep things consistent, both environments are set up the same so we have QMGRs called QTA and QTB which are part of a queue sharing group called MQT@. This all works very well except in MQ Explorer. I have one Explorer environment where I connect to all the QMGRs that we have. All have different ports an IP addresses so I can connect to all of them and administer them through one Explorer window. 

The problem occurs when I try to look at the Queue sharing groups. Even though we have 2 QSGs called MQT@ only one of them ever shows in list of QSGs, and it's the one you connect to first. There's no indication in the list to indicate which QSG you are looking at so if you are not careful you can make changes to shared queues in the wrong MQ environment. 


Other than changing our long established naming standards, is there any way we can get MQ Explorer to a) display both QSGs at the same time and b) clearly indicate which QSG it is actually displaying.