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Pinned topic using wsdl bindings and defenitions

‏2013-05-17T17:59:55Z | wsdl

My wsdls are having binding as shown below, so the client expects the response from wsp, to be having the Content-type as (application/soap+xml; charset=utf-8). However the error rule, which constructs a xml soap message sets the content type as text/xml. I know we can use xslt to set the headers. Is there a way we can use the wsdl defenition, within the rules, so that all the headers are set as per the contract?


 <endpoint name="WSHttpBinding_ICommAccountingBinding"

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    Re: using wsdl bindings and defenitions


    This technote

    Is written for the Multi-Protocl Gateway, but is applicable for the Web Service Proxy. Does it provide the information you seek?

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