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Pinned topic Integration from BI to TM1 - 10.2 version (both)

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Hi All,

I am trying to integrate the BI package into TM1 using a Package connector.

Both BI and TM1 are 10.2 versions. And I'm trying this on a Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise on a 64-bit OS.

Steps implemented: I have successfully logged into the TI with the 'Package Connector' option, selected the required package, mapped(or created) the respective dimensions and finally able to test the queries SUCCESSFULLY in the Dimension Tab under the Data Source Tab.

Once after save and running the TI process, my process gets aborted and the Error Message is as follows:

 " ..... TM1.Cognos   CCognosDimension::BuildDataSource Exception: (TR0168) Transformer could not open the data source ....  "

I don't understand what data source it is unable to open. I made sure that all the credentials are correct and we are able to connect to the BI server with the same credentials.


P.S: I have done this in the past with 10.1 version (both BI and TM1) and was successful. This is the first time I'm trying with 10.2 version.

Has anybody tried this in 10.2 version? or Am I missing something here? I would definitely appreciate any suggestions.


My assumptions: 

Package connector is a 32-bit exe .. I believe there is NO 64-bit for Pkg Connector. Would that be causing a problem... since I'm doing this on a 64-bit OS? (But how did it work previously .. with 10.1 version?)




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    Re: Integration from BI to TM1 - 10.2 version (both)


    I've seen this error a fair bit on 10.1 and still on 10.2. But never seemed to discover a direct reason. What I think is that the BLB file has not updated when the package has been republished and they are not in sync.

    I'm not sure how that update occurs but I have gone into the TI process, and edit query, close and re-save the process. That has seemed to work but this whole issue is very flakey.


    I'm currently experiencing this issue where all of a sudden, all of my TI that use the package connecter don't work..

    Error: MetaData procedure line (0): CCognosPackage::BuildDataSource Exception: (TR0324) Invalid logon.
    - QE-DEF-0285 The logon failed.
    - QE-DEF-0325 The logon failed for the following reason:
    - RQP-DEF-0068 Unable to connect to at least one database during a multi-database attach to 1 database(s) in:
    -     DataWarehouse
    - UDA-SQL-0031 Unable to access the "DataWarehouse" database. Check that the connection parameters to the database are configured correctly. For example, ensure that the data source connection contains the signon information, such as a password, to connect to the database.
    - UDA-SQL-0107 A general exception has occurred during the operation "attach".
    - Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-01804

    There have been no changes to warehouse logins or connections ???