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Pinned topic How to implement remember me functionality in my custom login page

‏2014-08-07T05:51:21Z |

HI ,

I am using,

Web Experience Factory Designer Version:

IBM Portal Server 8.0

I have custom login page which is having  remember me functionality ,can you please throw some idea or samples to implement this using coockie in a model model?

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    Re: How to implement remember me functionality in my custom login page

    ‏2014-08-08T17:04:55Z  in response to kachi

    There isn't much WEF specific about that question and I don't see an answer for that in the search box above, so I would suggest using your favorite search engine to search for "remember username cookie" or "remember username javascript" to look for general suggestions and best practices around remembering a username (since it's prior to login in this case it's not as simple as storing user attributes on the server for the logged in user).

     Once you know how to do that in general, you can take a look at the Client Javascript builder, HTML Event Action and other related WEF doc and forum threads (via search box above) to look for samples and best practices around incorporating Javascript into your WEF application(s).

    Note, if you're building a custom login Portlet with WEF (not a common thing to do - most WEF customers use the ootb login portlet ataik, but it has been done) you should know that WEF portlets require use of the HTTP session and by default Portal disables sessions for anonymous (not yet logged in) users, so you'll need to enable anonymous sessions via Portal ConfigEngine to build/run a WEF based custom login portlet.   Search for "custom login portlet" in the search box above (and in the WebSphere Portal forum) for similar questions/answers specific to building a custom login portlet for WebSphere Portal. 


    I hope that info helps,

    ..Mike Burati

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