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Pinned topic Tweaking the change log read time

‏2013-10-11T20:59:06Z |

Hi All,

Hi Jane..

I got it up and running.. I am reporting against a single token server...

Now.. It looks like it reads every three hrs. Is there a way to tweak the read time to increase the frequency?
Also it does not look like it is reporting against my 2 clm servers.
Any thoughts?

4.0.1 on Linux

Thank you


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    Re: Tweaking the change log read time


    Hi Karl,

    RLKS Reporting Tool reads data every hour from RLKS agent.

    I will check about a way to tweak its frequency with development and get back to you.

    As far as Reporting against the 2 CLM servers, i would advice you to open a PMR with us(Licensing) and I will take it forward.

    Thanks and Regards,Pankaj

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