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‏2013-09-03T12:33:39Z | constraints cplex depot error

hi all,

I have developed a model for a single time period with all the depots opened and corresponding links are active. Now I would like to modify the model to limit the operation of depots.

I tried to limit the opening of depots but I couldn't get the exact result as I expected. Say for example, at present I have 5 depots and the corresponding constraints are working well. If I try to close 2 depots and block/cancel all the connections from/to those depots, I'm not getting proper results as I expected.

To limit the depot opening, I used below constraint

forall ( d in Depots)
      sum (d1 in Depots) Open [d1]<=3;


In this case, I'm getting result partially correct. that is, It shows there is no movements between Consignees and Depots but in the case of movement between Depot and shipper, Depot and depot.


In all the possible case I tried, there is no movements between Consignees and Depots! Why is that?? If I dont limit the depot opening,I'm getting proper results for all the constraints. I get some strange answers only when I try to limit the depot opening

Does anyone had previous experience like this!!

 many thanks!