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Pinned topic The MDX Query submitted to TM1 server failed during Execution

‏2013-04-18T05:18:54Z |

Hello Members,

Running the Cognos BI report in Report Studio we faced the below error as
"The MDX Query submitted to TM1 server failed during Execution"

On trail to inhibit the error..there where many adjustments made to the Cube and the respective dimension as below:

a. Kept the Level names and dimension as different.
b.The dimension values doesn't have any special characters.
c. Cube name is also simple without any special character.
d. Declared the measure n period in the Properties while creating the Cube in TM1.
e. Rearrangement of the Dimensions in the Cube.

On analysis by multiple trial and error modifications to the Dimension..

Dimension which is a Job role dimension which has Values of Length around 70-80 and Count of the Values around 500-1000.
We reduced the Length to some specific value and the decreased the Count of the Dimension too. And then when this dimension was used in the Report studio with the Measure, We dint face any MDX error.

If the Length kept as same with Less count..IT WORKS..
If the Length is reduced and the Count remains the Same...Still IT WORKS..

But with a dimension with higher Length value and Count, even the Data is been Loaded in TM1, The Report Studio gives an error as above "The MDX Query.." :?: :?:

So we like to know is there any other Reasons for this Error or is there any Specific Length and Count Specification for the Dimension in a Cube, any Memory Allocation of the Cube or dimension property.

Kindly reply with any of your thoughts or idea for this above Query. :idea:

Thanks :|