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Pinned topic Adding MultiAssetLocci's in Offering using jython script

‏2013-10-17T12:18:45Z | add in jython multiassetlocci's offerring script using

This is regarding the Offerings in SCCD 7.5.1.

I have created a offering, in that offering i am selecting Mutiple CI's. Once the offering is submitted an SR will be created.

What i need is the selected CI's in Offering must be stored in Multiassetlocci table in the SR using a jython script.

Actually i have achieved this functionality by overriding the execute method in SelectMoreCIsBean class.

        DataBean Offeringdatabean = app.getDataBean("ApplicationCIMapping_MC");
        MboSet pmsccrpecvset = (MboSet) Offeringdatabean.getMboSet();
        Mbo pmsccrpecvsetmbo = (Mbo)pmsccrpecvset.getMbo();
        MboSetRemote srremotemboset = pmsccrpecvsetmbo.getMboSet("SR");
        Mbo srmbo = (Mbo)srremotemboset.getMbo(0);
        if(srmbo.isBasedOn("TICKET") && srmbo != null)
            TicketRemote Catalogticket = (TicketRemote)srmbo;
                assetsDataBean = app.getDataBean("main_mc_multiassetlocci_table");

  But i need to achieve samething using Jython script. Can someone please let me know is it achievable using automation scripting.