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Pinned topic Problem while connecting from windows client to linux Informix database

‏2013-09-09T09:43:54Z |


I have following problem while connecting from windows .net client to linux hosted informix database.

Do you know what is causing the error and how to fix it ?


I use following code:

        private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            string conn = "";
                //System.Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("DB_LOCALE", "pl_pl.Mazovia");
                //System.Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("CLIENT_LOCALE", "pl_pl.8859-2");
                System.Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("DB2CODEPAGE", "1208");
                var connectionBuilder = new DB2ConnectionStringBuilder();
                connectionBuilder.Database = @"db";
                connectionBuilder.Server = @"";
                connectionBuilder.UserID = @"user";
                connectionBuilder.Password = @"pass";
                conn = connectionBuilder.ConnectionString;
                var connection = new DB2Connection(conn);


            catch (Exception ex)
                textBox1.Text = ex.Message;

Occasionaly when I mess up with DB2CODEPAGE I get error SQL1159 reason 10.


testconn output:

C:\Program Files\ibm\IBM DATA SERVER DRIVER\bin>testconn40.exe "Database=db;User ID=user;Password=pass;Server=;Persist Security Info=False;"

Step 1: Printing version info
        .NET Framework version: 4.0.30319.2012
        DB2 .NET provider version:
        DB2 .NET file version:
        Capability bits: ALLDEFINED
        Build: s130816
        Factory for invariant name IBM.Data.DB2 verified
        Elapsed: 0,340034

Step 2: DB2DSDRIVER_CFG_PATH env var: unset
        Validating db2dsdriver.cfg against db2dsdriver.xsd schema file
        C:\ProgramData\IBM\DB2\IBMDBCL1\cfg\db2dsdriver.cfg against C:\Program Files\IBM\IBM DATA SERVER DRIVER\cfg\db2dsdriver.xsd
        Elapsed: 0,0150015

Step 3: Connecting using "Database=db;User ID=user;Password=pass;Server=;Persist Security Info=False;"
        ERROR [57017] [IBM] SQL0332N  Konwersja znaków ze źródłowej strony kodowej "0" na docelową stronę kodową "1250" nie jest obsługiwana.  SQLSTATE=57017


Test failed.

  • Arvind_Gupta
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    Re: Problem while connecting from windows client to linux Informix database



    If you use DRDA port to connect, you need not to set DB_LOCALE, CLIENT_LOCALE and DB2CODEPAGE environment variables.

    If this does not solves your problem, I would recommend that you contact your local Tech Support group and open a PMR for this issue.



  • G.Andrejczuk
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    Re: Problem while connecting from windows client to linux Informix database


    Thank you for reply.

    Environment variables do not affect the work of the program in any other than mentioned way. Test_connect omits them entirely.

    Some DRDA messages are exchanged before error.

    Do you know how database codepage is transmitted ?