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I am pretty new to this product.Just started working from last 2 months.   I was successfully do table manager export and import functions using a jobrunner xml file using TUAM 7.3

Where as using SCCM 2.1, I am getting below errors, I made sure import directory exits and file too .

when I try to import from SCRate.txt to SCRate table in database,

I understand that SCRate has a referential constraints with other tables. WHen I try todo tablemanager import from UI (TIP) I will do it by selecting the dependent tables together ie.SCRate and SCRateShift. Then the import is successful

Can Some one answer my below 2 queries ?

1 . How to depict the referential constraints in jobrunner xml file?

2. When I try to import tables does not have any constarints I am getting below erro:

AUCPE0226W  The following table does not exist in the given directory and will not be imported: SCRateShift.

Sep 12, 2013 7:16:11 PM importTables
SEVERE: AUCPE0228E There are no valid SmartCloud Cost Management tables in the directory specified. The import operation cannot continue.
Sep 12, 2013 7:16:11 PM execute
SEVERE: AUCPE0202E  The TableManager process completed unsuccessfully with the following exception:
Sep 12, 2013 7:16:11 PM runStep





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    Re: SCCM Table Manager import using jobrunner

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    Hi Sumedhm

    This issue has just  come to my attention from another customer. I will be developing an LA fix for this. Can you raise a PMR to track it and I will see that the fix is delivered to you also.