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Pinned topic IBM Systems Director with PowerLinux?

‏2013-12-06T18:26:13Z |

Has anyone had any experience working with IBM Director or VMControl with PowerLinux?  I am new to the PowerLinux community and I'm just wondering if Director is a tool that's widely used with PowerLinux and what are people's experience with it.  Any compare/contrast with Director and AIX?  If Director or VMControl is not widely used, what are the other commonly used tools in this space for management or deployment?  Thanks!

  • David_Q
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    Re: IBM Systems Director with PowerLinux?



    You need to use PowerVC to manage or control VM built on PowerKVM.



  • jscheel
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    Re: IBM Systems Director with PowerLinux?


    Director works with Linux on Power too.  The underlying infrastructure for image management is different for VMControl pieces (not NIM backed), but generally all other skills/experience should be applicable.  As David_Q states, however, the strategic management platform is PowerVC, but if you already have Director, you should feel free to use it with Linux on Power too.