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I have gotten myself into a bit of a tangle with a set of configuration specifications in an RMC workspace library using Subversion for version control. I am hoping that someone can help me get untangled.

We are using RMC in the workspace library mode with Subversion for version control. Within the Subversion repository, I have two folders: one with the base IBM plug-ins and one with our our plug-ins. Each plug-in is a separate Subversion project, as you would expect in the workspace library approach. However, when the library was first set up, I put all of the configuration specifications into a single project called "configurations_all" and included this in our folder in the Subversion repository. As we added additional configurations, however, we properly added each of these as separate Subversion projects in our folder. What I want to do now, which is where I am struggling, is to move the IBM configuration specifications out of "configurations_all" and into the IBM folder as separate Subversion projects, and to move any of our configurations out of "configurations_all" and into our folder also as separate Subversion projects, and then to get rid of the "configurations_all" project.

Can somebody lay out the series of steps to accomplish this?

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    Re: Configuration Specs in a Workspace Library with Subversion


    This is fairly straightforward.

    If you look at the .project files for a configuration project, it's pretty simple format.

    You can simply copy and edit .project files for each configuration project you want to create, put them in the correctly named folder, and include the configuration xmi file in that folder.  Now that you have the right structure you:

    1. add these folders to source control

    2. delete the configurations_all project from your workspace (using the navigator view)

    3. import the new configuration projects into your workspace.

    4. delete the configurations_all folder from source control


    Hope that helps.