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‏2014-03-06T15:23:17Z | cli export thread


I am building a CLI multithreaded application. Basically, I created two threads for exporting data from the table to the client. Each thread has its own connection to the database but when I run my program, all calls seems to be serialized to the server.

Even I allocated the context for each thread and attach it but no improvement.

I am attaching my program for your reference.

Server = 9.7 (HP-UX)

Client = 9.7 fix pack 1 (Windows)


Also I have another problem with the export routine in DB2. I am exporting a table from the server to the client using db2Export routine. It works well but it takes about 5 mins to send me 150000 rows in CSV file. Actually my server is on the other side of continent (approx. 7000 miles away). Is it normal? I thought that the packets might be compressed during network transfer so that minimum data transfer happens. If I compressed the same CSV file on the server and it compresses to 870 KB. And it took about 20 secs to transfer it to the server.