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Pinned topic CGI ?, or PDF ..

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Hello Experts ..


Just for testing, I'd love to be able to run a shell program, have it output to standard out,

and read that into a Streams operator. Has anyone built such a device, and can share ?


I still want the above, but my first application to to read PDFs. Has anyone built this and

wish to share ?


thanks !




  • Martin Siegenthaler
    Martin Siegenthaler
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    Re: CGI ?, or PDF ..


    You should look at LinuxPipe toolkit that is shipped in $STREAMS_INSTALL/samples/spl/feature/LinuxPipe

    This is from the README ....

    Overview: LinuxPipe illustrates how to run Linux pipe commands in an SPL
    application. As part of this, it also includes a primitive operator that
    implements the basic functionality of running a Linux pipe command and
    retreiving the results (standard output and error in two different streams).