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Pinned topic GPFS and Partition Mobility

‏2013-08-08T21:12:55Z |

We are going to move lpar from one frame to another using inactive partition mobliity.  The lpar in question (on frame A)  is part of a 2 node gpfs cluster and the NSD's used in the cluster are vio disks, the second node in the cluster is on frame B.  We were thinking that since the NSD's are already defined as vs scsi disks on frame B's vios server we will have to remove the node being moved from the gpfs cluster before the move is made.  Is our reasoning correct or can we leave the lpar being moved from frame A -> frame B in the gpfs cluster and make the move. Any ideas?

  • landom
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    Re: GPFS and Partition Mobility


    Hmmm, I'll take a stab at it, if not to just open conversation

    Firstly, GPFS put's it's own headers id on disks, so in theory moving them/moving the partition should not duly effect it, when

    started up on the new frame gpfs should just read the disks (even if they changed hdisk # perhaps) and find them, maybe a few complaints,

    but in principle this is recoverable - note that if this was a VMParition then the answer would be a flat no, not supported, I'm presuming

    that this is either AIX of Linux on PPC

    So the issue perhaps is, if doing this while the lpar in frame B is running - two node cluster - do you have quorum on node in frame B or tiebreaker

    disks, or are you intending to quiesce the gpfs cluster, do the lpm and then restart ?


    Of course, coming from a serious testing background, I could say, "your doing this in test first, right?" so if it goes south ......

    But in theory, I see no need why you need to take the node in frame A out of the cluster



  • YannickBergeron
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    Re: GPFS and Partition Mobility


    Never did it with vscsi :/
    But it works like a charm with NPIV