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Pinned topic DB2 Tech Talk, June 4: Developing Mobile and Internet-Connected Applications with Informix and DB2

‏2014-05-19T08:17:16Z |

The "Internet of Things" is the growing number of devices and sensors that communicate via the Internet, Harnessing data from billions of connected devices. It requires the ability to store, access and query SQL and NoSQL data together, seamlessly.

Join us for a DB2 Tech Talk to learn how to use Informix and DB2 to bridge the gap between new computing technologies designed for big data, cloud, and mobile computing with the enterprise world of relational data allowing you to include the 'Internet of Things' into your IT strategy.

Jef Treece and Shawn Moe will present how to develop mobile applications using techniques that preserve the native look and feel specific to such devices as Android and iOS. They will also show device-agnostic techniques and discuss new approaches to handling a range of types of mobile devices. They will discuss how to keep data on the device in sync with a back-end database or cloud service, such as DB2 or Informix on BlueMix.

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Note that a replay immediately following the live broadcast for scheduling convenience.