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‏2013-04-17T08:53:38Z | connection rollback transaction

I'm trying to include Content Engine operations in a client-side transaction: I've followed the guidelines found in IBM redBook sg247547 (Content Manager Implementation Best Practice and reccomendations):

- connection to CE is via EJB

- set required parameter in the Connection object (CONNECTION_PARTECIPATES_IN_TRANSACTION set to true)

- got javax.transaction.UserTransaction object from JNDI lookup

- started explicitly a transaction (trans.begin())

- if I make operations through CE API (for example change a doc property), a rollback doesn't work, although I didn't receive any error.

I only found this entry in CE JBoss server log:

WARN  [] Cannot import transaction propagation context: -3f57ffc5:f96e:514b0ba8:31 


I tried to create a servlet and an EJB as CE clients, both have the same problem. I'm using CE 4.5.1 and JBoss 4.2.3.

Can anyone help me?