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‏2013-07-18T14:49:33Z | bladecenter h vmware

Hi. Fairly new to the IBM bladecenter, being a HP guy originally but have taken over a bladecenter H with 1 blade installed and a BNT gigabit Ethernet layer 2/3 copper switch module installed.

At then moment, the switch is connected as follows:
Port 1 and 2 are connected to the Storage controller
port 3 is connected to the management module
port 4 is connected to the LAN switch in the Company.

This setup is working, but i am in need of setting up port 5 directly to a port in our router and putting some virtual machines into this closed network.
On the Vmware  i see 4 NIC´s: Vmnic0, 1 2 and 3.

First question: Why is there only 4 Nics, when there are 6 ports in the switch?
Second question: How do i map port 5 on the switch to a Vmnic so i can make a closed Network between 1 port on my IBM and 1 port on my router?


Vmwre is 5.1



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    Re: BladeCenter H Network configuration Vmware


    The ports on the blade matter.  Not so much the available or number switch ports.  The blade is limited to NICs based off the daughter cards and the switches in the chassis.  Two onboard by default.  There's a 2/4 port gig e card that you can get, that will offer an addition 2 ports in one switch bay and two more in the other (only on the H chassis.  S chassis is limited to only 4 total NICs).  You should be able to map the blade ports to switch ports using the switch config fabric, but I haven't done this is forever so I can't help you there.  

    Hopefully someone who is more familiar with the H chassis can chime in as I primarily work with the S. 

    Good luck.