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Pinned topic getting inbasket info on workdetails page

‏2013-05-23T18:33:14Z |

I am trying to get the information about the inbasket, from which current work details page was opened. I am unable to get that simple piece of information.

I have two payloads on workdetails page that i can get when page launches (Send Work Item and RetrieveCaseInfo) both payloads dont have inbasket name. they have queue Name, work object name and all the other details. 

Is there something I am missing here? How can I get inbasket info in work details page? 

Documentation says there should be a Inbasket properties in payload for Send Work Item event's workitem payload type. but there isn't any.


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    Re: getting inbasket info on workdetails page



    The WorkItem payload from the SendWorkItem event is as you describe above on my system also.

    Have you tried wiring a Script Adaptor to the In-basket -> Open Work Details Page event, and in the script adaptor persist the data you want into a global variable. Maybe something like this...

    var wobNum = payload.systemProperties.workObjectNumber;
    dojo.setObject("_myCurrentWobs."  + wobNum, payload);

    Then in the Work Details page retrieve the data in the Script Adaptor that is wired to the SendWorkItem event

    var wobNum = payload.systemProperties.workObjectNumber;
    var mySavedWobPayload = dojo.getObject("_myCurrentWobs."  + wobNum);
    var myInbasketName = mySavedWobPayload.inbasket.displayName;