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Pinned topic Unable to open "Rational System Architect" using Sandbox

‏2013-07-11T02:35:21Z |

I'm unable to open  "Rational System Architect" using Sandbox. It says connection timed out/ unable to establish network connection.


Just wondering if this work at all.

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    Re: Unable to open "Rational System Architect" using Sandbox


    Hi, MUR,

      Just check the Sandbox it is fine. The Sandbox environment use port forwarding to allow more connection. Some firewall block the port we are using, so it will fail to connect to the Sandbox. The Sandbox ID you are assigned is 80 , you could tell it by looking at the URL it launched .  So you need to open outgoing ports 10000 + 80 = 10080 ( for web page ) and 5000 + 80 = 5080 ( for citrix client) .

       We are working on adding HTML5 client to avoid this kind of firewall issue.